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Faith Guiding Course Autumn 2017

The next faith guiding course is due to start on the 12th Sep 2017

The course is a 12 week evening course, including 4 visits to places of worship of different faiths.

Teaching methods are practical and interactive.

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What is this course usually for?
Have you ever taken a person or a group of people of a different faith, around your place of worship?

The Faith Encounter Programme trains people of all faiths in the West Midlands as Faith Guides, so that places of worship can offer high quality educational visits.

Our course provides the opportunity:

    - To get to know people of different faiths
    - Gain an accredited qualification as a Faith Guide
    - Enhance your presentation skills and gain an Institute of Tourist Guiding   Certificate (Level 2)

Who is a faith guide?
Someone trained to lead a high quality educational visit to their own place of worship – it could be you !

There are so many beautiful sacred buildings in the West Midlands – and they are visited by thousands of school children, students and adults every year.

With a trained Faith Guide these visits are inspiring and fascinating experiences, benefitting the hosts as well as the visitors and building good relationships in the local community.

Over 140 people of 8 different faiths have successfully completed the course so far. If you belong to one of the following traditions, you are welcome to apply: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim or Sikh.

Other traditions are not excluded if there is an interesting place of worship to visit e.g. Quaker Meeting House.

The course is a 12 week evening course, including 4 visits to places of worship of different faiths. Teaching methods are practical and interactive.


START DATE: Tuesday 12th September 2017

END DATE:Tuesday 5th December 2017

Every Tuesday, 6pm - 9pm.


Faithful Neighbourhoods Centre
10 Court Road
B11 4LX

Who can apply?

Applicants must be over the age of 18 and have the ability to communicate in English

You must be a practising member of a faith community

Be able to submit a reference from a leader of your local place of worship.

Application forms :

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Please return completed application forms to:

By post: Nasrin Shah, The Faithful Neighbourhoods Centre, 10 Court Rd, Sparkhill, Birmingham
B11 4LX

OR By e-mail to: nasrin_faithencounter@post.com.


The course is offered at the discounted rate of £50

This is to pay the registration fee to the Institute of Tourist Guiding. This may be subsidised by the place of worship. Concessions may be available.

Course details:

There are three areas of study:

  1. Interpretation of your own faith to others
  2. Tour guiding skills
  3. Understanding of other faiths

Private study, including the keeping of a journal, is required.

Assessment is by means of a short written exam and a short guided tour.

Each participant will be allocated a Faith Tutor of their own faith background.

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Click Here to Download an Application form >>

Please contact Nasrin Shah nasrin_faithencounter@post.com if you have any further queries.


The Faith Guiding course has been developed by the Faith Encounter Programme in Birmingham since 2007. The Faith Encounter Programme is a small but experienced charity that aims to build respect and mutual understanding between people of all faiths and communities in the region. It is managed by a voluntary Steering Group composed of leading members of the Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faiths.

It is currently supported by the Westhill Endowment, as well as Birmingham SACRE.

A report is available giving a full evaluation of the first Faith Guiding course. It would be of interest if you are thinking of developing a similar venture.
Email the co-ordinator if you would like a copy.

To e-mail the co-ordinator, Ms Nasrin Shah please visit our contact us page or use the following e-mail address: nasrin_faithencounter@post.com.

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